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The Pool area is:

The Pool heater is

Hot Tub (Spa) is

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** HOT TUB is OPEN **

The SPA (hot tub) is OPEN for re-surfacing

** Pool Heater Turn OFF **

The pool heater is OFF for the season.  Expect it to remain OFF for the winter season

KEY CARDS Are Important.  Protect them.

For additional security and to prevent vandalism, the Board has installed card readers on the pool bathrooms.

Autumn Wood Key Card

That means you'll need your key card more than ever when enjoying the sun at the Association pool.  Be sure to keep it handy, and keep your guests informed about the pool rules.


As the weather warms up and dry out we need to look at our home for possibly a little clean-up/touch up after the winter months. The following are some of the more common items noted in violation of the CC&Rs during the monthly inspection walkthrough by your Board of Directors and management company representatives.

Most common violations noted:

  1. Foliage not at least nine feet above sidewalks or fourteen feet above city streets.
  2. Gardens and flowerbeds in need of weeding
  3. Trash cans not removed to proper storage after pick up.
  4. Rain run-off stains on stucco of houses.
  5. Storage of disabled or out-of-date registered vehicles in drive ways.
  6. Lawn maintenance.
  7. Delaminated utility doors or in meed of paint.
  8. Basketball hoops stored in street or not maintained properly.
  9. Satellite cables and/or electrical cable improperly down the side of house.
  10. Barking dogs.
  11. Oil and discoloration on driveways.


Autumn Wood HOA Board of Directors  is always searching of persons interested in serving on committees.  If you are interested, please email Carol Tolchin or Frank.

The Annual Association Meeting will be held Thursday June 20, 2019 at the pool.  This is a great time to attend a meeting and to apply for a position on the Board.  <Undefined user variable: BoDannouncment>

What Is A Good Homeowner?

As a homeowner and a dues-paying member of the Autumn Wood Homeowners Association (HOA) you are entitled to certain rights and, in return, have certain responsibilities.

We need all homeowners to have a strong sense of community pride and community involvement and participation in association activities. Do not treat your HOA as a lawyer; everyone dislikes a lawyer until you need one.

Attend the HOA monthly meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. A meeting notice which provides the date, time and location is posted here on the homepage of our website, as well as on the marquee in the pool area.

Come to the HOA meetings.
Get involved with your association.

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December 23, 2018