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Located in Simi Valley, California, the Autumn Wood Homeowners Association comprises 146 single family homes situated within the borders of Cochran Street to the north, Stearns Avenue to the west, Rain Wood Street to the south, and Birchglen Street to the east.  Public streets within the complex are Birchcroft Street, Hampton Avenue, Oak Haven Avenue, and Oakdale Circle.

Next Walk-Thru Expected:

Thursday,July 10, 2017

Next Directors Meeting:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Next Annual Meeting:

Thursday July 20, 2017

The Association has one annual meeting, in June, at which members are elected to the board of directors.  The Board of Directors meets 11 months of the year - January through November, with June for the organizational elections, and October for the budget meeting - on the third Thursday of each month.

2017 MASTER MEETING CALENDAR (Scheduled Meetings)

JAN 19th

FEB 16th

MAR 16th

APR 20th

Conference Room C-1

Conference Room C-1

CT Prop Conference Room

CT Prop Conference Room

MAY 18th

JUN 15th

JUL 20th

AUG 17th

CT Prop Conference Room

(Annual Meeting) Poolside


CT Prop Conference Room

SEP 21st

OCT 19th

NOV 16th


CT Prop Conference Room

CT Prop Conference Room

CT Prop Conference Room

No Meeting

Meetings convene at 7:00 pm

Poolside, 2248  Oakdale Circle, Simi Valley, CA

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June 25, 2017