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A PUD is a subdivision of 5 or more individually owned lots with one or more other parcels owned in common or with reciprocal rights in one or more parcels. The purpose of a planned unit development is to provide common facilities to a group of homes that may not otherwise be available on an individual basis. These can be recreational, equestrian, park pool, spa and/or greenbelts, depending on the development. There is usually a fee to maintain these facilities, and a controlling entity.

A Homeowners association is defined as an association of people who own homes in a given area, formed for the purpose of improving or maintaining the quality of the area. It is also required by statue if the development is a condominium or planned unit development.

It is the duty of the Autumn Wood Homeowners Association to supervise the maintenance of all the common area facilities such as the greenbelt landscaping, pool and spa areas and lighting, and to provide security for the complex. In addition they are charged with supervising the financial stability of the association in providing ample reserves to allow for continued use. They are charged with enforcing the  Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and making sure that a harmonious community attitude is maintained by creating a balance between the wishes of individuals, and what is best for the community as a whole.

The Association Board consists of 7 members, whose terms are staggered to assure continuity. We have several other committees to assist in our community, such as: Social for parties, Architectural control for proposed changes, Pool for safety issues and Security for the complex maintenance. We welcome your help in any or all of these areas.

Each homeowner should have a copy of the Association CC&R's, Rules & Regulations, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws through escrow when they first purchase their home in Autumn Wood. Once you own a home in the Autumn Wood development, you become a member of the Autumn Wood HOA and you will automatically be placed on the mailing list.  You will receive minutes of all HOA meetings, and a copy of the yearly budget  It is important that these documents be kept in a safe place as California law requires that these documents be passed on to the new buyer, at the time of the sale of your property. If you do not have a copy of these documents, in the event you sell your home, it will be necessary for you (the seller) to pay a document fee of as much as $100 so that the new buyer will have them. The Moral: Keep all important documentation regarding the HOA in a safe place.

Please use this handbook as a guide. For authoritative and more complete information on any of the topics listed, please see your copy of the CC&Rs. If you are not sure of any rules or regulations please contact the property management company for clarification. The intent of this page is to provide an easy-to-read summary of issues relating to our mutual enjoyment of this unique community.

Currently, our CC&Rs specify seven members for the Board of Directors. The terms of office provide for reasonable continuity within the board by staggering the election times for members. In other words, an individual can serve only two years before needing re-election. Thus, four of the seven members are elected one year, and the other three officers are elected the next. The CC&Rs do provide a process by which officers may be voted out of office. When vacancies in the Board occur, the remaining officers will attempt to fill the vacancy and can do so by a simple vote of a majority among themselves. The newly elected member will serve until a successor is elected at the next annual meeting. If the remaining officers cannot fill the vacancy within a certain period of time, a special election will be held. In light of the effort your Board of Directors puts forth each month, "no director shall receive compensation for any service he may render to the Association." The officers volunteer their time because they are interested in the success of the Association. Issues relating to the annual meeting, voting, procedures and the election of officers are detailed in Article VI of the CC&R's.

In addition to the annual meeting, the board has monthly meetings, (usually every month except December), where items of common interest to all homeowners are discussed.  These are open, and we encourage all members to attend. There are also closed sessions, at which time personnel or litigate items are discussed. Each meeting is chaired by the highest ranking officer on the board, and the attendance of a majority of the officers constitutes the necessary quorum to conduct a "duly held meeting."

The Board of Directors is expected "to do all things necessary to conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of the Association." A number of specific requirements and duties of the board are outlined on page 16 and 23 of the By-laws, all of which pertain to the mutual benefit of the Association.

The officers, who must be members of the association in good standing, are elected after the annual meeting, hold office for one year unless resigned or removed. The Board may appoint other officers for special projects such as Information Officer or Public Affairs Officer. Such appointees will have a clearly defined and limited role.  Officers may resign.  In addition, a provision is made for removal from office at any time with or without cause by a majority of the Board of Directors. When a vacancy does occur, the Board will appoint another member. Except in the case of a Secretary-Treasurer, no officer can hold more than one position.

The President presides over meetings, sees that the orders and resolutions of the Board are executed, and signs or co-sign written instruments. The Vice-President  fulfills the duties in the absence of the President. The Secretary co-signs instruments, assures notice of meetings, and provides oversight for meeting minutes. The Treasurer too, co-signs instruments, provides for financial records of the Association, prepares the annual budget, and generally assures the accounting management of the Association. No officer receives any compensation for services performed.

In spite of all the legal-sounding phrases, it is easy to see that your Board of Directors works very hard to represent you. For more detailed information on this subject, see Articles V through IX of the By-laws of Autumn Wood at Hunter's Field Homeowners' Association.

The association has a variety of costs incurred in the maintenance of the pool and common areas, as well as insurance premiums, landscaping costs, website maintenance fees, management agent fees, security fees and a few licenses.

In November, the budget for the association is sent to each homeowner with the detailed anticipated expenses and monthly association dues for the year. The association is a non-profit organization, however, we are required by state law to maintain adequate reserves for replacement and major repairs to our facilities and common area structures, which is why we carry large balances in an interest bearing deposit account. The reserve requirements are reviewed biennially to ensure state law compliance.

In addition to monthly dues, there are other fees and fines which can be applied. Please note that there are real costs associated with things like after-the-fact architectural approvals, recording and replacing a lost pool key card, and warning letters for CC&R violations.  Currently:

  • Replacement pool key card: $50
  • After-the-fact architectural improvement request fee: $50
  • Late fee for monthly dues (after 30 days): $10 per month.
  • Pre-lien assessment actions: $46
  • Returned check fee: $35

Fines for non-compliance to CC&R's can be charged to your account and range from $25 to $500 depending on the situation, but you will not be assessed a fine without a hearing.

If you have questions regarding your account balance please contact the management company during regular business hours.

The Simi Valley Police Department encourages residents to call the non-emergency phone line to report suspicious activity, late night door-to-door soliciting, problems at the pool area, etc.  In an emergency, use 911.  Do not call the security service.

Any owner leasing or renting their home, must furnish the association, through it's management company, with the name(s) of their tenants and provide the tenants with a copy of the Autumn Wood Homeowners CC&R's.

The owner must also inform the association of their off-site mailing address.

Please share this guide with your children. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the actions of your children and your guests


The Autumn Wood Common areas include the centrally located greenbelts and pool/spa area. These areas have been designed for the use and pleasure of Autumn Wood homeowners and their guests only.

In keeping our neighborhood enjoyable for all, loud noise which includes but is not limited to group gatherings, parties, radios and car stereos is prohibited. The use of power tools is limited to the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Activities or games which are potentially dangerous to others or destructive to the property are not permitted in the common area. Each homeowner is responsible for the conduct and actions of their children and guests. If you walk your pet in the common area, please keep your animal on a leash at all times. You are expected to pick up any excrement your pet may leave behind, Failure to do so may result in a fine. We appreciate all residents keeping the common areas clean for everyone to enjoy.

In the past, the Autumn Wood common areas have been the targets of vandalism. We encourage all residents to keep a watchful eye on these properties and contact Simi Valley Police at the first sign of suspicious activity. In doing so, you will ensure our monthly dues continue to be among the lowest in the Valley while still providing a safe and pleasurable neighborhood.

Pool and Spa rules are published and distributed periodically. In addition, rules are posted in the pool area.

Following is a summary of current regulations.  The safety and enjoyment of the residents and guests of Autumn Wood are the primary concerns in the operation of the pool and spa. Only a minimum number of rules are required if courtesy and consideration is demonstrated to others. The pool and spa area is reserved for Autumn Wood homeowners and their guests only.


    • Sunday through Thursday: 6:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m.
    • Friday and Saturday: 6:00 a.m. -11:00 p.m.
  • All residents and guests swim at their own risk. No lifeguard is on duty.
  • Homeowners are issued one (1) pool key card. A replacement key card is available at a cost of $50.00. Homeowners are responsible for all fees incurred for lost, stolen and damaged key cards. Transferring your pool key card to anyone, who is not a resident, is prohibited. Absentee homeowners should transfer their key card to their tenant and are responsible for collection of the pool key card when the tenant vacates.
  • All residents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their own families and guests.
  • While in the pool area, children under twelve must be supervised by an adult over the age of 18. The spa may not be used by children under the age of twelve (12) unless accompanied by an adult.
  • The pool gate shall remain closed at all times. Please do not open the gate for anyone other than those in your party. Ask your children to abide by the same rule. We have experienced problems in the past where residents unknowingly, opened the gate to non-residents. This will only invite vandalism.
  • Absolutely no alcohol, glass or breakable objects are allowed in the pool area at any time.
  • Running, pushing, shoving, pulling in the pool area and/or diving into the pool or spa are not permitted. Horseplay and boisterous conduct causes accidents and may hinder the enjoyment of the pool by others.
  • Swim boards, scuba tanks or other large objects are not permitted in the pool area.  Flotation rings and/or air mattresses should not restrict nor inconvenience other residents in the pool area.
  • Life preserver rings and life saving devices displayed in the pool area should be used only in the event of an emergency. They are not toys.
  • Toys such as Big Wheels, skateboards and bikes are not allowed to be ridden in the pool area.
  • Loud radios are not allowed.  Please use headphones and be considerate of others.
  • Styrofoam objects are not permitted in the pool at any time as it may cause damage to the filters.
  • Please use trash containers and keep the pool area clean.
  • Balanced chemicals and an efficient filter system will normally keep the pool and spa clean and infection free.  However, there are situations which cause chemical imbalance or filter problems.  Suntan lotion or oil - please remove with a towel before entering the water. The oil dilutes the chemicals and gums up the tile.
  • Please do not get into the water if you have a cold or other infection.
  • Proper swimming attire is required when using the pool or spa. Street clothes or cut-offs are prohibited, as the threads cause damage to the filter system.
  • Please turn off the lights in the bathrooms when not in use.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited from the pool area.
  • Please direct any concerns regarding the pool directly to our management company.

All applicable City of Simi Valley codes and ordinances governing private streets are enforced within the Autumn Wood development. Therefore, all vehicles parked on the  streets and driveways must be operative and moved at least every 72 hours. No recreational or commercial vehicles are permitted, unless for immediate use in  loading and unloading, nor are boats and trailers allowed to remain on the street unattached.  Vehicle repairs shall not be conducted unless wholly within a garage and in a manner which does not cause a nuisance. No car repairs are permitted in the common areas or on the streets or driveways. In addition, when not in use, please keep all garage doors closed to discourage burglars and rodents.

Household pets such as dogs and cats may be kept in each lot, subject to City rules and regulations as adopted by the Board of Directors. No animals can be kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Every owner is responsible for seeing that their lot is free of all rubbish, trash, garbage, weeds and other debris. Garbage cans and other containers, clotheslines, woodpiles, storage boxes, tools, equipment, dog houses and stored goods must be kept in an area on the lot that cannot be seen from the common area.

No owner may interfere with the rights of quiet enjoyment of the other members of the community. Examples would be unreasonable noises, nuisances, and/or immoral or illegal acts.

This is a residential community. No commercial, professional, or industrial activity may be conducted on any lot, or within the common area, except as approved by a majority of a quorum of the association.

All dues and assessments not paid within the specified timeframe of due date will be considered delinquent  Delinquent dues and assessments will be subject to late charges, established by the board in compliance with California Law, and accrue interest at 10% from due date.  [Delinquency policy]

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