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Lot Maintenance

It is expected that each owner will maintain his/her Lot and residence in an appropriate manner.  After all, the goal is to be able to sell the property at a value above the price paid, thereby realizing the 'American Dream.'  Yet, sometimes owners do not meet that goal. Therefore, in addition to control over architectural modifications, the CC&Rs gives the Board of Directors the authority to require that all homes be maintained in a well-kept appearance.

To maintain the over-all appearance of the neighborhood, walk-through inspections occur at regular intervals.  These inspections are conducted by an employee of the HOA management company accompanied by a member of the Board of Directors.

The more typical items that may be cited for maintenance include any or all of the following:

  • Fences in need of repair and/or painting.
  • Stucco on homes in need of repair, cleaning and/or painting.
  • House trim (including garage doors) in need of painting.
  • Utility doors in need of repair and/or painting.
  • Roof tiles that need to be secured or replaced.
  • Driveways that need oil and/or rust stains removed.
  • Front yards in need of trim, cutting, or weeding.
  • Address numeral signs in need of repair, replacement, or to have shrubs trimmed back so that the address can be seen from the street.

As a result of these inspections, homeowners may be notified of various exterior areas of their homes that need attention.  Homeowners have 30 days from the date of the notification to correct the problem.  If a homeowner fails to respond within those 30 days, the Board of Directors is entitled to levy a fine to stimulate compliance.  There is an escalating but capped scale of fines that may be assessed each 30 days that a homeowner remains out of compliance.

Architectural Modifications

Change is inevitable and continued upgrading of our homes and neighborhood is desirable.  The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the responsibility for managing architectural changes to the Association's residences so that the architectural harmony of the neighborhood is not diminished.  As we all know, maintaining the overall integrity of our neighborhood's design helps sustain and even potentially increases the property values within our neighborhood.

Any modification of a residence that is

  • Applied to the exterior,
  • Intended to be permanent, and/or
  • Visible from the street or to any neighbor

is subject to governance by the Autumn Wood CC&Rs (Article VI, Architectural Control). You must have any exterior modification to your residence approved in advance .  To obtain approval, submit a completed Residence Improvement Application (RIA) [DOC] [PDF] via the HOA management company to the Board of Directors 30 days before you begin making your desired improvement.

The first part of the process of obtaining Board of Directors' approval includes discussing your proposed changes with your neighbors and obtaining their signatures to indicate notification of pending change on the Residence Improvement Application [DOC] [PDF] before submitting it to the Board of Directors. Please see the residence improvement application instructions to assist in the completion of your request.

If an application has been disapproved (denied), the Board must clearly explain why on the form and invite the homeowner to attend a meeting of the Board to discuss the matter.

All approved projects must be completed within six months, 180 days.

After construction has been completed, a representative from the Board of Directors or the Architectural Review Committee may request a physical inspection of the improvement or modification.

We caution you that approval for a modification is not automatic. Article VI, Section 6.8, Architectural Approval Recommendation, specifically states that the Architectural Review Committee may withhold approval for several reasons.  Please keep in mind that the CC&Rs provide authority for the Autumn Wood Homeowners Association to remove or undo any modifications that are undertaken without proper notification to the Architectural Review Committee at the homeowner's expense (Section 6.18). This is why it is so important to receive approval from the Board of Directors before you start your project.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plans or the process of obtaining approval, please contact the HOA management company or the Board of Directors.

Common Improvement standards are posted on this website under the sub-tab, Standards.

Improvements specifically prohibited by the CC&Rs:

  • Any roof-mounted equipment, inducing air conditioners, excluding solar panels.  (See specification regarding Solar Collection Panels.)
  • Specific types of antennas.  (See specification regarding antennas.)
  • Modification, alteration or conversion of any garage of a residence.


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