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Approved February 19, 2008


A well chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors to the basic house color can draw a favorable attention to our well maintained Development.  Originally, the residences used three different contrasting colors/shades.

  • One color for the stucco.
  • One color for eaves, trim and patio.
  • One color for accent such as doors, gates and windows.

However, a painting scheme of two contrasts is acceptable.

Light colors make a house seem larger and more contemporary with dark shades best for accents.  Using a darker or lighter shade of the basic house color may be better than using a completely different color for accents.

Nonetheless, CC&Rs Article VI, Section 6.1 Architectural Control, directs that, "[no] owner [shall] paint the exterior of his or her Residence or other Improvemens,  without the prior express written consent of the Board of Directors, nor until all requirements which may be imposed by the County and/or City have been satisfied, and the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, color, shape, dimensions, materials and location of same have been submitted to and approved by the Board in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and to topography, as provided herein.  However, any Improvement may be repainted or repaired without specific approval so long as the Improvement is repainted the identical color which it was last painted, or the Improvement is restored to the original aesthetic appearance."

Most of the time, the "identical color which it was last painted" is no longer available, therefore, almost any exterior painting must be approved in advance by the Architectural Review Committee. 

File a Residence Improvement Application for approval along with color samples, at least 30 days before your start date for painting.

"The ARC shall take into consideration the aesthetic aspects of the architectural designs, placement of buildings, hardscape, color schemes, exterior finishes and materials and similar features."

Authorization will only be granted for paint that falls within the Color Scheme Policy as stated in this document.

Permitted Colors

The CC&Rs give the authority for establishing a color scheme to the Architectural Review Committee in Article VI, Section 6.2:

"The ARC shall have the obligation and duty to consider and act upon any and all plans and specifications submitted for its review in accordance with the requirements of these CC&Rs, and shall provide recommendations to the Board for ... adopting, amending, or repealing Architectural Rules and Guidelines, (which are reasonable standards against which to examine any request made pursuant to this Article, in order to ensure that the proposed plans conform harmoniously to the exterior design and existing materials of the buildings on the Properties) ..."

The primary criterion for approval is that all exterior colors remain in keeping with the 'harmony' of exterior design.  Therefore, your proposed colors must harmonize and blend with the overall appearance of residents within the entire Association.

Certain colors are disapproved and not permitted:

  • Primary colors (red, blue, yellow, green)
  • Warm colors based on yellows, oranges, yellowish greens, orangey reds.
  • Cool colors based on blues, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, and blue-based reds.

 Only the following colors are approved and permitted:

  • The earth tone families (cream, beige, brown)  - suggested use, stucco / trim / windows
  • White – suggested use, doors / screen doors / windows / gates / trim
  • Black  - suggested use, wrought iron gates / screen door

If any portion of your home is mistakenly painted with disapproved colors or outside these guidelines, you will be required to repaint at owners' expense.

Current Guidelines for Color Placement

In addition to the previously allowed color placement the following color scheme is allowed.

  • A two-color placement (at least) is required for all residences:  one color for the stucco and a different color (or shade) for the wooden trim.
    • The trim must contrast with the stucco: 
      if the stucco is light, the trim must be darker;
      if the stucco is dark, the trim must be lighter.

  • Garage doors may be painted a color in contrast to the stucco or may match the trim.
  • Utility doors may match the stucco or the garage door color, or they may be painted lighter than the stucco.
  • Wooden gates must be painted to match either the stucco or the trim.  Redwood gates are permitted and must be clear-coated.
  • Patio covers may be painted to match or to blend harmoniously with either the stucco or the trim. 
  • Wrought iron gates may be painted any color within the approved color families and blend harmoniously with either the stucco or the trim.  Wrought iron gates may be painted black.
  • Vinyl gates may match the stucco, the trim, or the front door itself. They may also be almond or white.
  • Screen doors may match the stucco, the trim, or the front door itself. They may also be white, bronze or black.
  • Windows trim must blend harmoniously with either the stucco or the house trim.  Window trim can be almond, bronze, or white.

Color Swatches for Residential Painting

The Board of Directors revised the color schemes recommended for painting residence into a guidebook.  The guidebook is a compendium of color swatches taken from recently painted residences within the community.

The guidebook is available now and can be requested from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) or the management company. Schemes are based on swatches available from Dunn-Edwards, but can be adapted and matched to any recognized brand of paint.

Homeowners should consult this guide before selecting colors to include in their Residence Improvement Application (RIA).

As an incentive, the Board established the Autumn Wood HOA account at the Simi Valley Dunn-Edwards outlet from which homeowners will receive a discount on purchased paint and paint-related items.  Their address: 50 W Easy St, Simi Valley, CA 93065, Phone: (805) 520-9532


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