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Resolutions, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions

WHEREAS, in accordance with California Civil Code 4355(a), the Board of Directors, on behalf of the Association, shall have the responsibility of discharging the duties and responsibilities imposed upon the Association by the Governing Documents;

WHEREAS, from time to time, and subject to the provisions of the Association's Governing Documents, the Board of Directors, by a majority vote of the Board, may propose, enact, amend or repeal reasonable Association Resolutions, Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions of general application to the Owners and Tenants and Lessees of Residences within the Property (CC&R 4.8A);

WHEREAS, the purpose of the CC&Rs, and all Rules, Resolutions and Restrictions of the HOA, is to enhance and protect the value and attractiveness of the Autumn Wood at Hunter's Field neighborhood, and to preserve the peace and contribute to the welfare of all residents;

WHEREAS, the broad guidelines of the Governing Documents are simply not sufficient in detail to provide instruction to Homeowners or the Board, these Resolutions, provide specifics in order to ensure conformity and harmony with the surrounding architecture of the other properties in the Association, and present an attractive yet uniform presentation to all those living in the community, and for potential buyers.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Directors hereby adopts the following Resolutions, Rules, Regulations or Restrictions for the benefit of the Association and its Members.

Be it Resolved that:


This page is a compendium of those resolutions with the month and year enacted, amended, or repealed, as officially recorded in the Association Minutes, and disseminated annually




Address Numerals, i.e., House Numbers


Each residence (house) is assigned a location address which will be prominently displayed on the structure in a neat, orderly fashion, unobstructed by foliage, clearly visible from the street, containing numerals not to exceed six (6) inches in height.  A mounting plate may be used, which generally may not exceed 18 inches ... (See link at left for more detail.)

Artificial Turf and Front Yard


Front yard landscaping and the installation of artificial turf shall follow the requirements and restrictions imposed  by the City of Simi Valley, with the addition of a requirement for  homeowner submission of a Resident Improvement Application (RIA) before beginning the project.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Association Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting will convene Thursday June 20, 2019, at 7:00 pm, Poolside, 2248 Oakdale Circle, Simi Valley, CA.  The Board of Directors convene 7:00 pm monthly to conduct Association business on the third Thursday of every month (except December), at CT Prop Conference Room, 5775 Los Angeles Av #212, Simi Valley, CA.. (Bylaws, 5.1 & 5.2.)

Basketball Hoops/Poles, Portable or freestanding


A portable basketball hoop does not require  approval from the Autumn Wood Homeowner's Association.  However, when the portable hoop is not in use (such as when the  homeowner is on vacation or during the winter months), the hoop must be  stored out of sight.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Boundary (neighboring) Fences


CC&R Article XI, Section 11.2(b), Maintenance of Boundary Fences is supplemented with the following restrictions:  (See link at left for more detail.)

Business Activity


Pursuant to CC&R Article VII, Section 7.3(b), the Association sets the "unreasonable number of persons" visiting any Lot for the purposes of 'business activity' at any more than two (2) different persons per hour or eighteen (18) different persons per day.

Driveway Drip Pans


CC&R Article VII, Section 7.19(a) is addended to allow drip pans.  Drip pans may be used under vehicles when parked but must not become unsightly, nor be placed, left or remain exposed.

Exterior Lighting


Autumn Wood HOA Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Article VII, Section 7.9(d) Exterior Lighting and Alarms is reiterated in part for clarification: No spotlights, flood lights, other high intensity lighting, ... shall be placed or utilized upon any Lot in a manner which unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of adjoining or opposing [added] Lots.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Exterior Lighting: Ancillary Lighting - Festive Lighting


Ancillary lighting because it is temporary in nature, requires no approval from the ARC.  Ancillary lighting is divided into two classes: (1) Decorative lighting, installed for purposes of highlighting a specific feature or features; and (2) Festive lighting, displayed in support of or to enhance the enjoyment of a recognized or celebrated holiday period. Festive lighting will not be allowed 20 days after the celebrated event.

Fences (Side) and Gates


Autumn Wood HOA CC&R, Article VII, Section 7.16, Walls, Gates, Fences and Hedges, is supplemented with the following restrictions:  (See link at left for more detail.)

Garage Doors, Roll-Up or Metal Folding


Roll-up garage doors are permissible as long as the proposed door is:  (See link at left for more detail.)

Gas Meters


This specification is applicable in instances when a solar power instillation requires the residential gas meter be moved to comply with current electrical code requirements.  This specification is based on Guidelines established by Utility providers.
The Meter (meter set) must be located/relocated:  (See Link at left for more detail.)

General Notices


The Bulletin Board located inside the Pool Area has been designated for the posting of general notices by the Association, prepared pursuant to Civil Code 5310.

Guests at the pool


The number of guests any Member may invite to the Pool Area is limited to four (4). (CC&R 3.33).  However, recognized pool party guests are limited to the number authorized in the coordinated Agreement between the homeowner and the Association.  (See "Pool Parties" below.)

Off-site Office


Autumn Wood HOA does not maintain an on-site office.  Homeowners may use either the Board of Directors' postal address or the CT Prop Management, LLC office address to contact the Association. (Bylaws 2.2.)

Pool Parties


The property manager will be the point of contact (POC) to authorize a pool party requested by a homeowner.  (Tenants must make the request through the homeowner, thereby advising the owner of liability.)
Requester (or insurance agent) shall provide a 'Certificate of Liability Insurance' (form) naming the Autumn Wood HOA as an "additional insured" for the duration of the festivities. This certificate must be in-place BEFORE the party starts.  Minimum threshold of coverage is $100,000.
Party host may not restrict other homeowners from using the pool at the same time.
The established pool rules still govern, i.e., no alcohol, no glass containers, no prohibited  behavior, no smoking.
The pool area gate may not be propped open allowing unrestricted entry.  Bathroom doors are excepted.
A cleaning fee will be assessed if the pool area is not left orderly and free of party debris.

Residential Painting (and Color Scheme) Policy


A well  chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors to the basic  house color can draw a favorable attention to our well  maintained Development.  Originally, the residences used three different contrasting colors/shades...  (See link at left for more detail.)

Satellite (Dish) Antennas


CC&R Article VII, Section 7.8(f), Antennas and Similar Devices, is amended by the following policy specification:  (See link at left for more detail.)

Screen Doors or Security Doors


Secondary Door is defined as the door outside (or  most exterior to) the main residence door. Secondary doors are often  referred to as "screen doors" or "security doors."  (See link at left for more detail.)

Security Alarms


CC&R Article VII, Section 7.9(d) Exterior Lighting and Alarms, is reiterated in part for clarification: No ... alarms, shall be placed or utilized upon any Lot in a manner which unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of adjoining Lots.  No security alarm ... shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or become a nuisance.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras or Equipment


CC&Rs Article VII, Section 7.9(c) Exterior Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras or Equipment is reiterated in part for clarification: No owner or resident may install or alter any security system on the exterior of any residence without prior written approval of the Association...  No security system shall be allowed to become a nuisance...  (See link at left for more detail.)

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals


This Policy provides guidance to the Association clarifying Pool Area access rights for Service Dogs and the denial of rights for Emotional Support Animals in accordance with Title II and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Ventura County Environmental Health Code, and Simi Valley Municipal Code.  Citations included where necessary.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Simi Valley Municipal Codes


This specification contains useful citations from the Simi Valley Municipal Codes as they may apply to our homeowners. The extracted citations are narrowed to the needs of the Association to reduce non-applicable requirements.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Solar Power (Panel) Installations


CC&R Article VII, Section 7.9(b), Solar Collection Panels is reiterated and supplemented as follows:
An Owner may install solar collection panels for ... electricity or replace existing panels.  (See Link at left for more detail.)
If a gas meter must be moved to comply with current building codes, see Specification for Gas Meters.  (See link at left for more detail.)

Utility Closet Doors


A Utility Closet refers to the outermost structure of the residence, originally designed by the builder to enclose the incoming electrical service conduits and panel, which also houses the vented, natural gas meter, with an earthquake shut-off valve, when installed.
Utility Closet doors must:  (See link at left for more detail.)

Yard Lights


Low-voltage and permanently affixed yard lights are addressed.  (See link at left for more detail.)

in accordance with Civil Code 5320.


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