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The General Session of the Board of Directors meeting of the Autumn Wood at Hunter's Field Homeowners Association was held on Thursday, July 20, 2017, Poolside, at 2248 Oakdale, Simi Valley, CA 93063.  President, Sean Wolpin, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.



    Sean Wolpin, President
    Monsef Sidrak, Secretary
    Miguel Chavez, Member at Large
    Chris Hernandez, Member at Large
    Ben Adelstein, Member at Large


    Steven Dhanjal, New Member
    Rashmi Shah, Treasurer


    Carol Tolchin


    Frank Boardman
    Evelyn Lang
    Janet Shaub
    Paul Hobbs

The attending homeowners acknowledged the greenbelt and pool areas look well-maintained and inviting.

Paul Hobbs, 2271 Oak Haven Av, promoted the idea of erecting a fence at the northern and southern ends of the Common Area (greenbelt) to mitigate or deter non-homeowners from using the greenbelt as their dog [pooping] park.  Board agreed to discuss next month.

Janet Shaub, 2350 Oak Haven Av, presented her RIA to the ARC for painting the residential stucco. She discussed her appreciation for the granted extension and reports that painting will be completed on time.

Frank Boardman, 2267 Oak Haven Av, participated in the meeting as an outgoing Board member.  He cannot vote on any motions.

File CA Corporations Report (SI-100 and SI-CID every even-year) - not applicable this year.
Mid-year financial review - tabled for presentation August.

Items added

Water pressure regulator replacement.
Copper pipe refitting for pool cabana.
Spa acid-washed.
Leaking Irrigation valves replaced.

Frank reviewed the details of the Meeting Minutes.  Chris motioned to accept the June Board Meeting Minutes; Miguel seconded.  Motion carried. (M/S/C/5-0).

Sean reported the Association's financial standing and reviewed the Treasurer's report for the month of June 2017. Monsef motioned to accept the Financial Report; Miguel seconded.  Motion carried. (M/S/C/5-0).  The Mid-Year budget report will be presented next month.

Hobbs, 2271 Oak Haven - satellite antenna installation.  Approved
Shaub, 2350 Oak Haven - stucco and trim repainting with rain gutter re-installation.  Approved

Spa and Patio Lights Not Working:  The new electrician has not been selected to continue repairs.  Continues (Actionee: Ben).

Walkway Light #8: A new receptacle is needed to make this light function again.  A screw-type receptacle is preferred vice the GU-24 base.  Task to be completed by the electrician selected above.  Continues  (Actionee:  Ben)

Motion Detector Light:  In May, the Board approved Monsef's request for the purchase and installation of a motion-activated light to be placed pointing at the pool gate that will not exceed $300.  Task to be completed by the electrician selected above.  Continues  (Actionee:  Ben)

New Landscape Additions:  Chris stated that new plantings have been made and payment has been sent.  Closed (Actionee:  Chris)

Walkway Repair:  Raised sections of the Common Area walkway between light poles #3 and #4 pose a potential tripping hazard.  The Board would like to remove, level, and replace section(s).  Chris will refer a vendor to Carol with a bid, while Carol also solicits two bids. Continues (Actionee:  Chris and Carol)

Switchable Monitor: The Board approved Monsef's request in May for a switchable monitor for the security cage that will not exceed $200.  He procured and installed the device.  Closed

Block Party:  The Board agreed to postpone the "After Summer" Association party to the following year.  Ben will spearhead the project beginning May 2018.  Closed

Possible Water Leak:  Rashmi indicated the May water bill was excessively high with expended BUs (water delivery measurement) three times the 'normal.'  Chris queried Kerry King (Bright View supervisor) about the amount of water used and the watering schedule. Kerry, Brightview, concluded that there are no leaks in the irrigation system and irrigation is on schedule.  Carol contacted MWD who performed an on-site investigation and found no leaks.  Closed.

Hot Water Heater Valve:  During the month of June, several homeowners remarked about the cabana shower not providing hot water.  An investigation revealed an incorrectly installed valve.  CT recall the installing plumber to relocate the valve as an installation warranty action at no cost to the Association.  Valve correctly installed.  Closed

Water Distribution System Pressure Regulator:  Upon the recommendation of the water heater installation plumber and supported by another plumber, the Board directed the immediate replacement of the non-functioning pressure regulator.  The faulty regulator is suspected of allowing full City system water pressure (over 120 pounds pressure) to be applied to the cabana hot water heater and water pipes (which are expected to sustain only 80 pounds pressure) causing cracks and leaks in the distribution system.  A new pressure regulator was installed.  Closed

Cabana Water Pipe Refitting:  A leak in the men's restroom led to the discovery of pipe breakage below the cement slab in the cabana flooring.  Two plumber repair bids were reviewed, both which entailed a complete (or semi-complete) re-piping of the water delivery system.  A plumber was selected by the Board and the "emergency" work completed over the 4th of July weekend.  The work required drywall removal and subsequent repair with primer coat painting.  This effort was paid from the Operating account (GL#5570) with the expectation of being 'back-filled' from the Reserve account. (see New Business: Cost).  Additional costs included a temporary restroom facility (Porta-Potty) to allow the pool to remain open, since VCEHD required the pool to be closed if no such facilities, either fixed or portable, were provided.  Chris further recommended full and complete repainting of both restrooms (see New Business: Repainting).   Closed

Pool Security: CT provided bids from two security companies for discussion.  Questions about recent needs (within the last few months) revealed lessening concerns about uniformed security visits for this summer season; intrusions have been minimized through the use of latch guards on bathroom doors and a proper functioning gate detent.  After-hours use by homeowners has been reduced as well.  Frank reported that the Budget Committee projected funds for four months of service for the 2017 budget, if needed.  Sean recommended the review be completed at next (August) month's meeting.  Continues  (Actionee:  Carol)

Spa Acid-Washed: In June, the spa depth numbers were becoming unreadable due to fading and may not comply with VCEHD requirements.  Colin Pools acid-washed the spa as an interim remedy as the spa may be re-plastered during the winter months, as recommended by the 2016 Reserve Study.  Closed

Tree Relocation in Common Area:  The Board discussed the relocation request.  Chris mentioned that Kerry (BirightView supervisor) believes there is a concern for the health of the tree after it would be moved, very likely the move would be unhealthy for the tree.  In addition, Kerry could not locate a harmoniously balanced location in the greenbelt for the tree.  The Board may reconsider the homeowner's request.  Continues  (Actionee:  Chris)

Irrigation Valves Replaced:  Leaking Irrigation valves (#18 and #20) were replaced during the month as an "emergency repair."  The BrightView technician reported the effort as a very complicated repair due to electrical wires that run through this location for the lighting system.  Closed

Reorganization of Board: Frank Boardman, Vice President, was not re-elected to the 2017-2018 Administration but agreed to assist the Board in an advisory capacity.  Sean welcomed Steve Dhanjal to a seat on the Association's Board of Directors.  He generally explained the purpose of the Board and the expectations of Board Members.  Steve accepted his position but explained that he could not stay for this meeting because of prior commitments.  Sean decided that next month (August) would be a better time to reorganize officer positions.  (Actionee: Sean)

Fences Proposed for Common Area: A homeowner proposed the Association install a fence at the north and south ends of the Common Area greenbelt to deter and prevent enjoyment of the area by non-Association members, i.e. owners/tenants with dogs of the nearby townhomes and condos.  He suggested that the current "private property - not a dog-walk signs" are no longer effective, if ever.  The Board discussed the issue briefly; Sean proposed a more in-depth discussion at the next (August) Meeting and possibly the need for a special committee.  (Actionee: Sean)

Carrotwood Tree Debris: The Carrotwood tree (#89) adjacent to the east pool wall continues to shed leaves during this part of the season, but more detrimentally, drops nut-like seeds onto the pool decking and into the pool.  Jose, from custodial services, tells us that some of the seeds are stepped on by homeowners and mashed into the decking pavers, making clean up difficult.  Colin, the pool maintenance man, reports that some of the 'nuts' float and are sucked into the nearby skimmer clogging the weir and ultimately damaging the filter.  Frank recommends trimming back the Carrotwood as done in the past.  Chris will discuss with Kerry King (BrightView supervisor) for appropriate action and bid.  (Actionee: Chris)

Cost Recovery Actions for Cabana Water Pipe Refitting: Funds expended for this effort were drawn from the Operating account, with the expectation of being 'back-filled' from the Reserve account.  However, in referring to the 2017 Reserve Study, the Board discovered no dollars have ever been projected for this Component line item (#0401); additions or repairs are expected to be funded from the Operating account.  As an alternative, Sean opened discussions regarding cost recovery through an insurance claim because of water damage.  The Board believes the insurance adjuster will determine which repair actions will qualify for reimbursement.  Sean motioned to initiate an insurance claim for damage recovery; Monsef seconded.  Motion carried. (M/S/C/5-0).  Carol will contact Agent Ron Raushenberger at State Farm Insurance for guidance and to initiate claim.  (Actionee: Carol)

Repainting of Cabana Restrooms:  Chris recommended complete repainting of the interior of both restrooms.  CT will solicit bids from interested vendors for next meeting.  Costs for this effort will be added to the insurance claim for recovery.  (Actionee:  Carol)

The next General Session of the Board of Directors will be held Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at CT Prop Conference Room #212 at 5775 Los Angeles Av, Simi Valley, CA 93063.

With there being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

AS RECORDED BY:  Chris Boardman

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