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The General Session of the Board of Directors meeting of the Autumn Wood at Hunter's Field Homeowners Association was held on Thursday, June 15, 2017, Poolside, at 2248 Oakdale, Simi Valley, CA 93063.  President, Sean Wolpin, called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.


    Sean Wolpin, President
    Frank Boardman, Vice President
    Rashmi Shah, Treasurer
    Miguel Chavez, Member at Large
    Chris Hernandez, Member at Large

    Monsef Sidrak, Secretary
    Ben Adelstein, Member at Large
    Carol Tolchin

    Chris Hernandez
    Lynn Wilcox
    Satish Shah

Generally, the attending homeowners acknowledged the new plantings have improved the look of the Common Area.

Chris Hernandez, 2211 Oakdale, requested Board consider an extension until August 31 to allow him time to remedy the walk-through finding for residence address numbers missing.  The Board will consider and advise.

Lynne Wilcox, 2271 Oak Haven, requested the Board consider moving a newly installed tree.  The homeowner offered to split the cost with the Association for the move.  Board will consider and advise.

Review Reserve Study Proposal
Solicit Subjects for Newsletter

Lack of hot water from pool shower, pool security recommendation, dirty Spa walls, relocation of a newly planted tree.


Frank reviewed the details of the Meeting Minutes.  Chris motioned to accept the May Board Meeting Minutes; Frank seconded.  Motion carried. (M/S/C/5-0)

Rashmi presented the Treasurer's report for the month of May 2017.  Rashmi pointed out that the water bill was three times higher than last month.  She questioned the possibility of a leak.  Chris motioned to accept the Treasurer's report, Frank seconded it.  Motion carried.  (M/S/C/5-0)

Welsbie, 2255 Oak Haven - new exterior windows.  Approved
Adhikari, 2257 Oak Haven - artificial turf.  Approved
Wilcox, 2276 Oak Haven - New roll-up garage door.  Approved

Service Dog Policy:  The new policy clarifying the Association's position to allow homeowners with disabilities to bring their Service Dog into the pool area, while at the same time preventing any violations of VCEHD Health code was revisited having completed the required 30-day comment period.  The Association's legal counsel reviewed, commented and corrected the legal content.  Frank motioned to adopt the policy; seconded by Chris.  Motion carried.  (M/S/C 5-0).  Closed.  CT will include the adopted document as an insert with July billing.  (Actionee: Carol)

Walkway Light #8, Spa and Patio Lights Not Working:  The Common Area walkway and pool lighting repairs remain a concern.  The previous electrician (Whittlesy Electric) is no longer working the job (having suffered a non-job related injury), and has been paid for services to-date.  A new electrician will be selected to continue repairs.  Continues (Actionee: Ben). 

Motion Detector Light:  Last month, the Board approved Monsef's request for the purchase and installation of a motion-activated light to be placed pointing at the pool gate that will not exceed $300.  Task to be completed by the electrician selected above.  Continues  (Actionee:  Ben)

New Landscape Additions:  Chris stated that new plantings continue to be made throughout the Common Area this month.  Costs already paid for.  Chris will report completion.  Continues  (Actionee:  Chris)

Walkway Repair:  Raised sections of the Common Area walkway between light poles #3 and #4 pose a potential tripping hazard.  The Board would like to remove, level, and replace section(s).  Chris will refer a vendor to Carol with a bid, while Carol also solicits two bids.  Continues (Actionee:  Chris and Carol)

Switchable Monitor: Last month, The Board approved Monsef's request for a switchable monitor for the security cage that will not exceed $200.  He will procure and install the device.  Continues  (Actionee:  Monsef)

Block Party:  In an email, Ben outlined the details of an "After Summer" Association party.  The Board is excited about the idea.  Exact logistical assignments will be made at a later date.  (Actionee:  Ben)

Possible Water Leak:  Rashmi stated earlier that this month's water bill was excessively high with expended BUs (water delivery measurement) three times the 'normal.'  Via email, Chris queried Kerry King (Bright View supervisor) about the amount of water used and the watering schedule.  (Kerry has yet to respond.)  Chris also recommended the City perform an on-site investigation for a leak.  CT to contact the City for action and coordinate with Chris.  (Actionees:  Chris, Carol)

Reserve Study Review Selection: RSI provided a bid for the 2017 Reserve Study review.  Frank recommended the Board continue its association with RSI at least until 2018, after which a full study can be performed by any such vendor.  Rashmi motioned to accept the bid for "Option 3" (study without site visit) for a paperless version of the study by RSI costing $660; Miguel seconded.  Motion carried.  (M/S/C 5-0).  (Actionee:  Carol)

Hot Water Heater:  During the month of June, several homeowners remarked about the cabana shower not providing hot water.  The newly installed water heater came under question, and two Board members investigated.  The water valve was (still) shut.  However, when opened, it was noted not opening fully.  Chris directed CT to recall the installing plumber to relocate the valve to enable it to be fully opened, as an installation warranty action at no cost to the Association.  (Actionee:  Carol)

Pool Security: Via email, Ben suggested the possibility of employing uniformed security to patrol the pool area at random hours after pool closure to deter trespassers.  Chris also suggested the winning bidder would be available on-call for reported incidents.  CT will solicit bids from security companies for consideration and further discussion.  (Actionee:  Carol)

Spa Dirty and Depth Numbers Unreadable: Frank reported the spa depth numbers were becoming unreadable and may no longer comply with VCEHD requirements.  Frank recommended Colin Pools acid wash the spa as an interim remedy until the spa is re-plastered during the winter months, as recommended by the 2016 Reserve Study.  Frank motioned to spend $250 to acid wash the spa and replace the depth number tiles; Rashmi seconded.  Motion carried.  (M/S/C 5-0)

Suggested Topics for Newsletter:  Monsef suggested two topics be included in the third quarter newsletter: a reminder about pool hours and party rules, and watching for and reporting strangers in the neighborhood.  (Actionee:  Frank)

Newly Planted Tree in Common Area
:  Homeowner Lynne Wilcox complimented the Board on the recently planted landscape.  However, she was concerned about a particular tree newly planted in the Common Area, which will grow enough to block her view within a few years.  She requested the Board consider moving the tree at this point in its growth, several feet to one side or the other of its present position.  The Board discussed the issue.  Although no provision exists in the CC&Rs guaranteeing a "view or open space," Section 3.3 of the CC&Rs entitles homeowners an easement of access to the Common Area.  The Board agreed with this interpretation and granted the homeowner's request. Chris motioned to have Bright View relocate the tree within the month; Rashmi seconded.  Motion carried.  (M/S/C 5-0)  The relocation cost will be documented and half billed to the homeowner.  (Actionee:  Chris, Carol)

The next General Session of the Board of Directors to be held immediately after the Association Annual Meeting, Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 7:15 p.m. poolside, 2248 Oakdale Cir, Simi Valley, CA 93063.

With there being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

AS RECORDED BY:  Chris Boardman

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